The mission of Living Rock Consulting is to provide on-going education, training and resources to foster the art and science of psychotherapy practice.

Our goal is to foster the tending of soul in the world through support for the therapist as person and professional. We also seek to preserve and strengthen the presence of soul in the practice of psychotherapy in the current corporate managed care environment. We do this by providing education that is both enriching for the person of the therapist and focused on an integrated awareness of body, mind, and spirit in those who seek our help. To that end, we include the science of psychotherapy, the pragmatics of clinical practice, and enrichment of the art of client care in our offerings.

In particular, we hope to help you:

  • Finely hone your counseling skills
  • Gain the best methods, techniques, and approaches to client care that our field has to offer
  • Remain current with the ethical/legal, HIPAA and regulations of the State of Colorado for counseling
  • Be encouraged, informed, and connected in building a thriving Private Practice, with or without managed care

Events and Training​

Stay current on clinical best practices, legal/ethical/HIPAA mandates for mental health practice, and strategies for excellence and productivity in private practice.

Professionals Network​

Are You a Private Practice Therapist Searching for Connection, Clients and Community who value excellence in client care?

  • Member Therapist Directory.
  • A bi-weekly email newsletter
  • Monthly, individual 30-minute consultations with an experienced, skilled consultant and supervisor.
  • Weekly online “Office Hours”
  • On-going professional development trainings and workshops

Supervision & Consultation

Dr. Varley is available for personalized coaching, in-house trainings on legal/ethical/HIPAA structures, innovations in clinical care for trauma and marriage and family systems, or company wellness.